Equine Nebuliser
Flexineb E3

Equine Nebuliser

The Flexineb E3 is a revolutionary equine nebuliser that enables delivery of nebulised drugs and natural therapies directly to the lower airway of the horse. It operates from a rechargeable battery and has a unique flexible mask interface with a clear aerosol chamber and medication cup.

Flexineb is simple to use, silent and completely portable equine inhalation device, making it the ideal solution for those that are experiencing depleted performance from their horses. Nebulisation & inhalation therapy is the most effective way of treating your animals’ chronic issues such as COPD, RAO (heaves) & EIPH (bleeding).

Respiratory problems are frequent in performance horses. Common respiratory tract disorders include Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) also known as heaves, Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) and Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH). Typically, treatment includes systemic administration of drugs using injections or the oral route; however, administration via aerosol devices is now considered to be a viable alternative way to treat respiratory issues.

Flexineb E3 equine nebuliser system is a portable, silent, easy-to-use veterinary medical device that produces a very fine mist of aerosolized drug, enabling this method of treatment for the horse, whilst keeping the horse comfortable. Flexineb™ E3 has a unit available for every size (foals, ponies, thoroughbreds and large warmbloods).



  • 3 user selectable modes of operation
  • Dry medication cup detection
  • Extended 35 minute timeout
  • Software upgradeability via USB
  • Optimised performance w/ improved auto-tuning


  • Silent & Portable
  • Rapid Treatment
  • Direct Delivery to Lungs
  • 6 Hours Battery Life
  • Easy to Clean & Disinfect

Treatment of Foals

A sick foal can be a challenge. Foals are born immunologically naïve which increases their risk of infection. When a foal succumbs to respiratory illness their condition will often decline rapidly, lower respiratory tract infections are common in foals and account for substantial morbidity and mortality.

“Delivery of drugs by aerosol may allow higher concentrations of therapeutic agents to act locally at the site of pulmonary infection or inflammation and therefore, the potential for systemic side effects is minimized. Aerosolization of therapeutic agents acts a useful adjunct to more conventional systemic therapies.” (Peter R Morresey, How to Deliver Respiratory Treatments to neonates by Nebulisation, AAEP Proceeding, Vol 54, 2008 pp. 520-525)

The Flexineb E3 nebuliser is available in three different sizes which includes a foal size. The Flexineb E3 unit is a revolutionary equine nebuliser that enables delivery of nebulised drugs and natural therapies directly to the airways of the horse and provides an alternative or complementary treatment option.

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